Friday, September 30, 2011-End of the Month Podcast Review: The Grumpy Celt Speaks

The Grumpy Celt Speaks is a podcast that suffers from too much gimmick.  It is formatted by a single announcer, who interacts with two other characters which are also voiced by him.  The first character is Ren from Ren and Stimpy and the second character is a Monty Python housewife (a man doing a high woman’s voice.) Additionally, he has a convoluted background and set-up for the podcast that combines Stephen King and Steve Jackson.  Ironically, his character being a celt has a thick western drawl.

The purpose of the podcast is to review games and supplements, which it does within 25 minutes.  Unfortunately, they are all stuff that has been sitting on his shelf for 20 years.  The nostalgia aspect is quite entertaining as he reviews various modules that I bought when I was in Jr. High; but he does not really provide any acumen other than some background information.  Additionally, he has some hang-ups when evaluating games; too many dice is an issue for him, nit-picking art, and he has too much focus on typesetting.  His earlier podcast had more range and topics.  The podcast for black history month was very good and insightful. 

Because of these reasons, I am not adding the website to my “favorites.” I will wait a few months and revisit the sight and see what he has reviewed; after all, there are not a lot of RPG podcast that directly reviews materials.  Overall, this is a podcast that I can wait until later to listen too.


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