Tomorrow: Friday September 23, 2011- A Rational Approach, Tainted With Bias, Conclusion is Doomed

The Rational Approach:

For a multitude of reasons, I have determined that I need a method to remind my players that they have Fate Points to use during our playing sessions without me directly asking.  I have used some small and simple tokens which have not worked.  Acting like a doctor, I want to “up the prescription” before making any changing conclusion; so let’s try some large and complex tokens before considering anything else.   How can I enlarge and complicate tokens?  Alright, the enlarging is easy-make them larger.  I want the tokens to be large enough so they are fiddled with; but not blocking them from playing.  Stuff that are around two to three inches; I do not want to create a wall of fate points. 

How can I complicate a token?  Well, adding additional elements to the token would complicate it; like setting, themes and character stuff would add layers to the token.  Decorate the Fate Points. 

What would be considered decoration?  The Dresden Files is a combination of “wizards” and modern “Detective Noir;” yet our campaign is a little more refined, not just about wizards but Necromancers.  So, that is a start.  Also, keep cues that everyone is in the Dresdenverse.  Are there things that define the character? Are there things to avoid from the Dresdenverse? 

Hypothesis: If my Fate Point Tokens are around 2-3 inches and are connected to the Novels, themes, and character; not only will they prompt the player about the setting but also remind them that they have Fate Points to spend.  This will make the tokens more involve than just poker chips.


Tainted With Bias

God do I love doing this project.  I have had to work my creative juices to figure out objects that fit within the campaign and the size; while performing the needed labor to actually get them.  I am just happy that it is the Halloween season.   I just bought a ‘69 Chevy Camaro Matchbox car off of ebay; because the character drives one.  I have created little Dresden File paperbacks and found a coffin to store all the tokens in.  Finding stuff to fit into the “Detective Noir” is difficult; I would love to find a miniature newspaper camera and an old fedora.  Can you make a small “Motel” sign?  I feel like I have entered a scavenger hunt. 

I think I will keep this up even if it does not help the players to remember that they have Fate Points.  I would only abandon it if it hindered the game.  It’s the Fate System, not as much stuff as D&D; I do not see the table getting so cluttered to the point where everything is undistinguishable. 


Conclusion is Doomed

Will this, in the end, help me or satisfy my GM needs? I do not know.  At worst, this will just be a bother for the players.  I just hope I will be able to be objective enough to know if I should try another tactic.  Honestly, if this does not work; there has to be another problem that is preventing the players from using their Fate Points.  I will have to focus more on the player, not making larger tokens.

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