Monday September 19, 2011-A Very Pointed GM Story

So, on a whim I suggested playing Dresden Files to my brother a few months back and he agreed.  With my Star Wars Campaign, everyone came to my house; my brother driving over thirty minutes to play.  Honestly, my brother always drives out to play games with me and after two years, I was beginning to feel a little self-centered about this.  Feeling obliged to sharing some of the driving, I offered to come to his house to play, which he was happily agreed to. 

On the day of game, I was assembling my “GM’s bag of stuff.”  I knew that I wanted to push the use of Fate Points and really did not want to force him to constantly be marking his Character Sheet as we volleyed successes back and forth at each other.  I have dealt with this issue before and in the spirit to avoid paper burns or hard pink erasers, I wanted to grab some chips.  I have come to hold the chip with the same spiritual reverence and superstition as players hold their dice and dice bags.  Perhaps I have spent too many years Game Mastering or teaching too many new systems, I cannot tell; but I am still using the same dice I purchased twenty years ago.  The hours I have spent; marking poker chips with detail pictures or written effects, or wandering through craft shops looking for glass beads is tenfold compared to the time I spent buying my dice.  It took less than a moment for me to know what chip to bring.  I have gamed at his house before, I think it was four years ago; we game in his dining room that has a yellow pine table-use dark blue glass beads in my lower drawer; they will show up nicely on that table. 

Imagine my surprise when I arrived at my brother’s house and he wanted to play in the basement.   The previous day I mentioned bringing my laptop and the potential of how handy it would be to have a computer during the game session.  Apparently, he had made some arrangements because he does not have any wireless.  Acknowledging that I am not the Lord of this Castle, I descended into the basement/computer room only to find that the table was a dark brown, nearly black in color.  My dark blue transparent beads were invisible within the lighting.  Needless to say, it was hard to remember how many Fate Points anyone had and nobody played with them. 

The next game session was two weeks later and this time I was prepared for his basement.  Forget any lowly glass beads, I went with gold coins.  The type of coin found in buried treasure; rough, hard press, and organic.  More importantly, the shiny gold would leap out on that dark sinister stain. 

Yet my intentions were blocked again.  This time we gamed in his dining room; after all, we didn’t use the computer at all.  We were back on a yellow pine table where the gold coins simply blended into the surface.  The only times where Fate Points were used was when I asked if he wanted to use one.

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