Thursday September 15, 2011- A Brief Explanation of Aspects within the Dresden Files RPG.

One of the many ways a GM can influence a player’s character in the Dresden Files RPG is through aspects.  It actually is the default solution to any story problem during game play.  An aspect is a descriptive phrase that can be used on characters or the environment.  When creating a character a player will want aspects that can be used for both good and bad within a story.  “A Rugged Outdoorsman” aspect can be useful in the right situation and also cause problems in the wrong situation.  Additional aspects can be created during a game session, based on dice rolls, conflicts, and the use of Fate Points. 

                A GM can use a character’s aspects in two ways.  First, an NPC can invoke a character’s aspect negatively to gain a bonus to their die roll.  Miss Scarlett wants to lie to Mr. Brawny, so she keeps the conversation convoluted, maybe talking about resent art shows and theater, just to make sure Mr. Brawny is confused.  Miss Scarlett can invoke Mr. Brawny’s “A Rugged Outdoorsman” to increase her die roll success, because the aspect implies that he is not high flatulent .  The reward the player gets from this is a Fate Point.  The Second way, a GM can compel an aspect by offering a situation to the player that allows the GM to control the character.  Such as, offering to Mr. Brawny that by being “A Rugged Outdoorsman” he has left the campsite to collect firewood, leaving Miss Scarlett all by herself.  Once again, the player will receive a Fate Point if agreed; however, they will have to pay a Fate Point by refusing. 

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