Friday, September 16, 2011- The Heavy Hand of King GM.

Okay, here is a good example on how heavy handed a GM can be on a player’s character.

The player has created Mr. Brawny, with the aspects “Rugged Outdoorsman” “Works Best with His Hands” and “Down to Earth Type Guy” Obviously this is a physical character, slightly macho, but definitely a manly man.  Naturally, his skills and other abilities are going to reflect this persona.  The GM is throwing Miss Scarlett at Mr. Brawny for several scenes within the story.  Miss Scarlett has aspects like “A Dangerous Socialite” “Conversations are a Chess Game” and “Queen of her Environment.”  She is not a physical character but rather a social character, capable of mind games but also concerned with her image. 

Miss Scarlett is going to be able to totally change Mr. Brawny each time they role-play during the game.   Through the system, she can start placing aspects on Mr. Brawny; like, “Finds Miss Scarlett Attractive” “Intimidated by Miss Scarlett” “Wants to make Miss Scarlett Happy.”  This Manly Man can be totally whipped by the end of one game session, which is not what the player intended.  Because, Mr. Brawny is a physical character, he really has no defenses or leverage against her, unless it is through force.  Although his character really has not changed, the game is going to change how he is being played. 

This is affects the character far more than any spell casted during a D&D session.  Ironically, it is a subtle means of control.   

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