Tuesday September 6, 2011-An Confession towards a Messy Break-up

I had a messy break-up back in April.  I ended my long-term relationship with D20 Star Wars Saga Edition.  Like any long-term relationship, there is that bewildering mix of pain, lost, and relief.  Sure, I was unhappy with lots of things that Saga Edition did; yet I had so much already invested; fourteen books, hundreds of minis, reams of written material, and all the office supplies.  Yes, those wonderful office supplies.  The crisp white printing paper that you could swear smelled like ditto paper from grade school.  The multitude of colored index cards that spoke of all the many potential things. The pencils and pens that felt like they were part of your hand as you danced across the page.  Rolls of map paper that I could put so many details on.  Saga Edition did so much like her things. 

But like so many over demanding lovers, there were times when I needed a reprieve and sought solace in the arms of simpler game systems.  Games that were happy that I was just there.  Zombie Cinema was always willing for a fling, never expecting a call the next day.  Mouse Guard or Apocalypse World were so less demanding, yet underneath they still desired commitment.  I must confess that these affairs did not provide the momentary relief I had hoped for; but instead, only deepened my resentment towards my relationship with Saga Edition. 

Four months later, you might expect that I would be in bed with one of the others.  No, I am not.  Although there was some speculation, these other relationships had change with my new found liberty, with no clear explanation or understanding as to why.  Instead, I have found a new relationship with the Fate System with all the promise and hope that new found loves have.  Dare not one of you mention rebounds.


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