Friday September 2, 2011 Moments of Dread Conclusion

Two months ago, I made an over indulgent dice purchase; spending $3.75 per die.  I am a frugal man, preferring to gain as much value for my purchases.  I rarely make impulse buys, taking time to think, budget, and research.   It took a month of mental debate for me to buy the Dresden Files and another month to decide to buy Fudge Dice for it. I harass my fiancé all the time about her purchases being costly and wasteful.   So, when I spent $30.00 for eight dice, I figured that she would definitely question the wisdom of my choice; after all, I was still questioning it.  

I told her what I did as soon as she came home.  In these situations, I usually start off with a combination of confession, apology, and understanding that I expected her to be upset with my action.  This long winded explanation will be cut off when her patience runs out and she point blankly asks “what did you get?”  This conversation was no different; except, she laughed at the end, when I told her what I got.  Surprised and puzzled, I asked her what was going on.

Her answer was “I find it so funny whenever you make a big deal over something you buy.  You make it sound so dreadful and it’s always under fifty bucks; compared to me that’s nothing.   Oooooh nooo, you spent $15 on Star Wars Miniatures, oooooooh noooo you spent $19 on office supplies for gaming.  AHAHAHA.  I never worry about money YOU spend. ”

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