July 19, 2011 Tuesday-Not only was he a Necromancer, but a Friendly Necromancer

On a whim, my brother and I started a solo Dresden Files campaign.  This is what happens when you have not been gaming for months and only two people attend a board game day.  It also helps when you have been writing a RPG review for over a month.  I have no idea where my suggestion to role-play came from-that was sarcasm in a blog; blogcasm. 

Not only was it fun, but it was easy.  All we did the night before was figure out the High Concept of the character and I hopped on the computer, found a monster and a news article to make a story.  My brother wanted to play a wizard, a friendly necromancer.  Talk about a good concept.  City creation really flushed out what type of stories we wanted to have.  Here we sort of cheated; we chose to use our hometown as a setting, no real research but a lot of opinions.  The game session was adlib the whole time.

Not only was it easy, but it really felt like Dresden.  My brother’s reaction after playing:  He sat back in his chair and threw down his pencil as if there was nothing more to write and said “Wow, that was Dresden.  I don’t know what, but there is something in those rules that really makes it Dresden.” What more can you say.


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