June 28, 2011 Tuesday-One game, Two Reviews

So, I bought the Dresden Files RPG last month and since then I have been hammering away at the game system.  I started creating an introduction adventure and also evaluating the system for a review.   Why has it taken so long; because this game is complex.  First of all, it is two games in one.  I feel like I have to review and understand the FATE system and then understand how the Dresden Files is layered onto this system.  Unlike Star Wars Saga Edition, where I can assume everyone knows the D20 system and just consider how the system is worked into the movies; or Mouse Guard, where Luke Crane assumes you never played his system and has just simplified it to fit the comic; Dresden Files is uncompromising to the FATE system and setting while still being obscure to the general public.  I am reviewing two games in one and that has made it all the longer.


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