June 23, 2011 Thursday-Two Mice Wants their Drinks for Free…

Yesterday we were talking about the Mouse Guard RPG game and what to expect from entering a bar.  We continue with this example:

Cullen has been wounded with the following conditions: Tired and Angry.  There are no hit points for characters but instead conditions which affects their rolls.  Logan has only been wounded with just a Tired condition.  They have gotten through the worst of what the GM has thrown at them, they have made it to Appleloft and it is their turn.  Their mission is over, so any goals involving that is removed from their consideration; leaving only their own personal advancement or recovery.  They both have two Checks (rolls that possibly do something.)  Cullen needs to get rid of both of his conditions, while Logan just needs to rid of one, but Logan also wants to increase his Circles abilities, which acts like contacts in other games. 

The two of them debate how to use various skills with their checks along with various ideas

Logan has the instinct of “flatter and praise women first, then everyone else.”  He volunteers to use his check first.  He wants to make his circles roll to find some friendly faces that might help them remove their awful conditions—women and booze will relax and lighten the mood for everyone.   This is not the actual rolls to remove any condition, but rather gain a bonus to that roll later.  

Logan: “Follow me brother,” then he raises his voice “for I have heard from far and wide how the women of Appleloft are the cheeriest and quickest to laugh.  How there renowned mirth can lighten the heaviest hearts of men.” Logan searches for one of the towns woman and makes eye contact, “You there with the most delicate of ears, can you not prove to my brother the accuracy of your town’s legends?”  The poor girl blushes away giggling.  “Do you hear brother, does this not confirm, these women are filled with such mirth that the mere suggestion causes it to bubble out of them.” 

Now Logan continues bringing attention to them as he looks around.  Logan’s players want to make his roll; but Cullen’s player has joined in Logan’s performance and wants to aid Logan’s roll.  So Cullen adlibs “You mean when we met the merchant’s daughter Mora, when they visited Lockhaven, how she laughed and sung? Well, Cullen is Angry so he is not as silvered tongue.   Logan has a Circles of three, add Cullen’s help of an extra die.  The GM says they need three successes and Logan’s roll meets it, with the use of Cullen’s die; so the GM uses Cullen’s adlib:

“You silly mice, you met my sister Mira not Mora.  My father and she were at Lockhaven just before winter; but she never mentioned meeting any charming buffoons.”

Logan: “Perhaps your memory is far better than hers!  Is there a chance for two buffoons join you and find out?”

Because Logan just barely made his roll, the GM gives him and Cullen an extra die to roll for their checks to remove the Tired and Angry.  Logan does get advance his circles too.  It is Cullen’s turn to make a check, based on the current story.  He tries to remove his Angry condition by simply spending the evening drinking hard cider with his brother, Mira’s sister, and her friends.   Logan helps his roll by telling a story how Cullen saved him from the baker’s wife; making Cullen look noble and witty.  He has double the dice needed to make his success and wonderfully exceeds his roll, he is certainly no longer Angry. 

Logan wants to remove his Tired condition with his second check.  To remove this condition he has to make a Health roll or simply get a good night’s sleep in a comfortable bed.  He knows the wisest choice would be a health roll, but he has that extra die from his earlier success.  From a metagame perspective, he can easily make his health roll without the extra die-okay there is a little bit of risk there, but we are talking about metagaming.  He could gain more by trying to succeed on another skill that would still give him the same affect.  In other words, he could sleep under a tree (making a health roll) or he could find a good bed to share (which would involve convincing fair young local to invite him.)   The choice is up to him….

Cullen chooses to sleep under the tree and with that extra die, he is no longer tired.

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