June 18, Saturday 2011-A solider, a toddler, and almost a Zombie enter a Bar…..

Lola stands behind the bar serving Tanqueray to the old woman in a wheelchair.  They are playing a cat n’ mouse game, not only with each other; but also with themselves.  In the last twelve hours their lives have changed.  In the last twelve hours their reality has change.  There are parts which they willing to accept and then there are those parts which they are not ready, and that is the dance they are moving with each other.  They are not so much as sharing reality nor supporting any realization; but artfully establishing the boundaries for themselves. 

Jake breaks the door open with his foot while holding a child; he quickly tangos around armless, shutting the door against the aggravated groans of the zombies outside.  He stands catching his breath in his Army fatigues as military jets screech over the bar, moments later, a faraway beat of helicopters start.  “She is safe and unharmed” Jake claims as he hands the child to the old woman.  Jake never leaves Lola’s eyes as he takes her hand and says “I could not leave knowing that you were here and your sister lost”  Jakes start leading her away upstairs….”

NO NO No that is enough, Lola’s player says.  I am not falling for his seduction during these horrible times. 

“Really?” says Jake’s player as he spins his color coded D6.

The group response: “yes!!!” each grabbing their own D6.

In the RPG game Zombie Cinema each player GMs their own character’s scene, they can tie in other characters or other players can have their characters join in too.  The player can say whatever they want during their scene; they have almost godlike powers, until.  That is a big UNTIL, another player disagrees with what is being said.  You do not even need to be in the scene to disagree.  Once there is a disagreement, each opposing player grabs their colored D6, all other players hand off their own D6 to the player whom they want to win.  Whoever rolled the highest D6 finishes the scene; in case of a tie, Zombies disrupt the scene. 

I love this system; there is no haggling over abilities or skills.  There is no debate as to what type of roll to make, there no series of repeated rolls.  It is a fast system where the real conflicts between players are brought up quickly and minor details are left up to the players.  If Jake wanted to start his story in bed with three women he can, if no one disagrees then he moves on with his scene. 

So everyone sides with Lola, other than Jake.  Lola’s player rolls three D6s vs. Jake’s single D6.  Jake rolls a four, while Lola rolls 2, 5, and 6-the six beats his four.  Unfortunately, it was the old woman’s die that beats Jakes; the old woman’s player finishes the scene because she was actually in it.

The old woman interrupts Jake’s action, “Sisters are sisters and they belong together, as long as they are not undead.” She hands the child to Lola and starts scolding the soldier, “you soldiers are all alike, if you are not shooting off one gun, it’s another!!!”  Then she winks at Jake, “reminds me lot of my second husband, he was a sailor”  Lola takes the opportunity to get as much distance from Jake.

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