Monday June 13, 2011-Two scoundrels and a Wookiee enter a bar…..

Before they even enter the hotel, Lando flips a credit chip to Chewie and tells him “rooms are on me, I get my own.”  Of course he does this in front of a few porters, doormen, and people who always hang outside of any hotel; if there is a woman he winks at her.  He walks right through the lobby like a politician, ignoring everyone around him; even Han pauses with Chewie so they can organize the logistics of renting rooms.  Lando walks with purpose, going directly to the bar as if he had been there a dozen times.  Lando is in the mood for something and he has plenty gold to buy it, without paying a dollar more.  That gold is charm. …

So, in Star Wars’ Saga Edition the group of Heroes gets some rooms at the local Hotel.  Many GMs, myself included, could quickly gloss over this fact.  Yet, some players would protest, some players want “color” and “hero definition” where a hotel bar could be an opportunity.  After all, Lando cannot demonstrate his suave and charming side while piloting the Millennium Falcon.  Being a good GM, I let the player play out a color scene for his hero, Lando. 

The player wants to use his charm and charisma to get a little nookie.  WHY, this is D20, who really knows?  Maybe the player just wants some of that old time rag; piss off the other players by showing off their Hero’s skills, or maybe there is a lead of some sort to work out later?  One of the amazing things about D&D and D20 is that players can call for scenes and skill rolls that have every little consequence on the current situation.  Yet, at the same time, the more they gather the more they can use against you, the GM.  Some players use a shot-gun approach, especially if you use any bonus with “natural 20’s.”   The more BS rolls they make the greater chance to get a “natural 20” which gives them a useable boon.  Unfortunately, there is no mechanic to address this situation within the game.   

Anyway, let’s get back to the game; roll for “somthum and somthum.”  That is how D20 deals with it, make a roll for “somthum and somthum” if you make it, then you got somthum; if not, then you didn’t.  Now comes the stupid ass complications, are you making an ability or skill check, what skill are you using, is this an oppose roll or using a DC number, should you use everyone within the room Will Def as a DC?  The problem with D20 is that the system only deals with the immediate results of an action, not “officially” anything else.  It does not matter what you used roll, all that matters is if you succeed or fail.  This simple go/no-go roll makes it really boring for all the players, including the Jerk-off who requested the roll in the 1st place. 

And then there is semantics, you just want to get some nookie? Okay that is an easily DC 10, you rolled a success!!! You are awakened by a man screaming for Lola in the lobby and hall.  The amazing woman that you met last night has been replaced by a frighten abused woman, whose name happens to be Lola.  The player never said what type of “somthum” he wanted.   

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