Monday June 6, 2011-A new excitement for “Blue Man Group”

Okay, so I joined this gaming network called Near By Gamers, at  Absolutely nothing happen.  Nothing on the website, no messages, nothing at all, and it lasted for weeks.  There was a map, but it was a small Google map of my hometown.  I guess the site wanted to tell me where I lived, as if I didn’t know.  There was a search function, which sort of worked, telling me about groups that were fairly far away.  The forums were spotty.  This all really pissed me off.  Not just because I was not getting me connected with other gamers, but also it was not giving me something to write about. 

Yesterday, I saw a little blue person on the map that represented me, YES ME.   I zoomed out and there were more little men all over the map.  I was so excited!  Until I realized the only other gamer in my town called himself “Jesusfreak.”   Well, I guess people cannot be that excited about finding my name, Phlophouse.  Maybe he is being as ironic as me?  Could this guy be the biggest atheist in the Chicago land area?  Maybe?

Now that there seems to be some type of activity, I have to figure out if it is useful activity.  The problem with these groups are “lurkers.” Lurkers are people who join on an impulse, then do not do anything, chances are they never even visit the site again; but that would hurt our egos too much so we want to believe that they are just watching.  Sort of like my blog.  I need to know if all these little blue people are really people who are active-okay not ALL, just the ones around my area.

Hummmm.  How to do that?  I guess I will send out an email and see who bites.


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