May 12, 2011- Just got the Dresden Files RPG

Just drove out to Game’s Plus, the closest good brick n’ mortar game store, and got the Dresden Files RPG.  It is my first “FATE” system role-playing game.  Love that it is a RPG being written by the characters from the books; so We, mundane mortals, can fight against the real supernatural.  Harry is skeptical that it will not be as effective as Braum Storker’s work. (inside joke there)

My first impression of the FATE system; it might be trying to be everything for all role-players or simply being a good first step from D&D-ers to indie RPG.  I don’t know.  My gut is telling me that the system places mega-gaming as a major part of actual play.  Need to read more and then play.


PS-I bought Pathfinder last week and choose to keep it out of laziness.  This week got both of the Dresden books.  Going way over my Gaming Budget this month, good thing I didn’t complain about the clothes’ Laura bought this month.  Why? cause I am a long term thinker.

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