May 10, 2011-We don’t drink it because we like the taste; we drink it because we need to.

I think by the end of the 80’s I started getting a bad taste in my mouth with D&D, or more accurately, AD&D 2nd edition.  Somewhere in the beginning 90’s I stopped playing D&D and tried other systems.  This was during my college years, where I met a lot of politics between players and cut my teeth as a GM.  I made tons of mistakes.  When 3rd edition D&D was released, I had not been gaming at all for around five years and bought the game just to see what they did with it.  My opinion was that they corrected many of my complaints with the system and I was back to GMing.  The bad taste returned, not as strong, more like a taint; but it was acceptable taint.  Sort of like coffee, taste bitter until you get used to it.  For so long I have tried to figure out what has caused the bad taste in my mouth.  I think the indie game movement and Ron Edward’s The Forge cast a good light on it; but not quite all of it and only hints at the solution. 

I think my “bad taste” from playing D&D, and systems like it, is that their weaknesses are also their strengths; which is why they are so hard to identify.  

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