May 7, 2011 Listing Bad Gaming Behavior

I would love to come up with a list of bad gaming behavior, but I cannot.  Most bad gaming behavior is stuff we do naturally during the game but raised to a higher level.  This makes it hard to deal with, because you are not identifying a single action but trying to determine the degree of the action.  Maybe a player is doing “this” for a good reason or maybe this is a symptom of bad gaming? There is always a justification for the actions, so you don’t know, but it is a red flag.  Start getting a bunch of red flags, then it is becoming bad gaming.   Mega-gaming is a good example, we all have to mega-game, and a gaming system is a mega-gaming document.  We all realize that we have to do it to a degree; the question is where that line is.  Character Secrets is another example, they sound cool, create dynamics between players and plot.  Yet, they can be decisive, change the focus of play, and a hindrance.  Where is the line? 

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