May 6, 2011- Twelve Hours later

I guess I am leaving a gaming group.

But I had fun in those twelve hours.  My only regret is that I spent $55 for Pathfinder; maybe I will return it and get my money back.  I have D&D 3.5 so why buy the same book twice.

Having gamed for over 20 years, I have seen plenty of good games go bad and good games go great.  One great aspect of online social networks is that you can get a good feel of the groups based on post and messaging.  That does save on footwork.  It took only 12 hours of online interaction to see that this upcoming gaming group was going to have some problems and I never had to talk face to face to anyone. 

This last gaming group has four things working against it.

1)      The GM was in love and married with his own world.  This is a good thing, unless he is so married to it that he makes judgments about “what fits his vision.”   If you require players to meet certain aspects within their character concepts and they do, you shouldn’t tell them “no, that does not work in what my world is about.”  Especially when combined with the next issue.

2)      If you have background write ups & player aids of the world, keep it consistent and specific.  Don’t say the world is like “this” and then have rules preventing “this.”   Don’t say “rarely” if you mean “not available.” 

3)      One bad player.  I am always amazed how people simply don’t see what their comments and actions reveal.  There was one player, who had several red flags, just from his post and character concept that pointed to “manipulator” and conveniently started coe-GMimg me.  This guy has never met the GM or the group and yet he felt comfortable enough to tell me how to run my character before I even started writing it up.

4)      Favoritism.  Don’t favor one player over another, if you are going to have a character creation session for the players; then do not let another player make their character at home before the game session.  Especially if you never played with the guy or he is acting like a manipulator. 

Obviously, this manipulating bad player has already jumped into the game and sucked up to a GM who puts his story/world on the highest pedestal.  The GM has already granted him exceptions from other players.  All before we even start gaming, how will the actual play go? 


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