May 5, 2011-Willy Lowman of Gaming

Having just written about, I have been keeping an eye on it more than usual.  This allowed me to catch a little blip that just came up this week; a game in my hometown.  Interesting. 

Normally, I would just blow off something like this; however, I have a new goal for myself, after realizing that online social networks cannot replace the normal footwork.  The goal is; to do the footwork to expand my gaming social network.  This is like being a salesman, going out and fishing for contacts which most end up being dead ends.  Most people don’t have the constitution to put up with a social situation where there are more misses than hits.  Feeling that there should be some sort of return equaling the effort put into the situation.  I still feel the same way.  I have been a salesman, it’s not my forte.  I usually over analyze the risk and conclude a miss before even trying.  Naturally, I started accessing if this game would meet my goal and if the energy put into would pay out. 

Do you know what makes a good salesman?  A good salesman finds the reward in making a pitch, not just in making the sale.  That is why they don’t mind the misses, because they still got something out of it. 

Here is an opportunity for myself.  True, chances are, I will not get what I want completely from this game.  Chances are this will be a miss.  If I go into this with an agenda, with baggage, and only an end goal being the reward; then it will be a complete waste of time.  However, if I go into it just wanting to enjoy the game, I will get more out of it.  Sure, it would be a miss, but I had fun failing the whole time.

I guess I am joining a gaming group.


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