April 28, 2011- And then there were three.

You know, gaming groups are a lot like garage bands; if everyone joins just to play, then everything goes great.  If people show up with their own agendas, then it turns into a soap opera of drama.  Personal hopes and dreams are really big distraction to a group who are trying to do one single collective task.  Most failed garage bands had one person who wanted to be the next big hit, wanted to find their own voice, or simply hook-up with another member.  The band fails when those members realize that they are not going to be able to get what they want by using the band.  That is the real sin of the whole thing, a person trying to exploit the group to get what they solely want. 

I think my Star Wars Campaign was destined to be just as much as a failure around the dinner table than if I we tried to rock out in the garage.  After all, half of us had our own hidden agendas and now we cannot exploit the group to get them, so we want to leave the band.  My son has already left the group, so now there were three.  I had my own agenda involving my son, which now makes me question if we should continue.

The thing is I suddenly understand how I was messing up the whole band with my own agenda.  What I need to do is choose an instrument and just play.  Not try to do anything beyond what the group is trying to do.  Unfortunately, we have not been just playing; so, the question is whether the rest of the band wants to continue playing?   

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