April 27, 2011-I promise on Wednesday

Two weeks ago I promised boccobsblog that, on Wednesday, I would talk about the various online sites I tried using to find a group of players.  I didn’t say which Wednesday.  Additionally, I want to clearly state that I am not a computer guy or online savvy.  It took me a few weeks to figure out that podcast were a good thing, before that I would visit radio stations’ webpages and listen to my favorite programs.  So these observations are really from a newbie point of view.

http://www.Meetup.com –“the Everquest of Social Media”

This network is set up for people to find events and groups of like-minded people, and it does this wonderfully.  You can join for free and search for groups within your area that are doing things that you want to do.  Each group has their own webpage with message boards and email alerts.  However, to start an actual group cost about $10.00 a month.

I have been using Meetup for a few years and have gone to…three events.  So, does it work?  Hummm…not for me.  There are thousands of groups and members, but I think a lot of them are like me.  Four years ago, I was on my third day of being bored at home and knew the upcoming weekend had the more of the same.  I went on the computer and joined Meetup to see if anything was going on.  Since then, three out of four weeks I just automatically delete their “weekly event notice.”  Once a month I look at the notice before deleting it.  That is problem with Meetup, it looks like a network which would entice people to join groups, but it is not.  That would involve an advertising campaign or Marketing strategy beyond a weekly email.  There are a lot of people on Meetup, but the question is how active are they on Meetup.   I have had two people join my Apocalypse World Meetup group; they joined and have never done anything since then-one of them lives in a different state.   Really? You are going to drive two hours to play an RPG on a weekday?  Reminds me of getting friends request from people who have just discovered Facebook.

Meetup works well if you already have an amateur organization with a core group of people who are active and have that manager attitude.  You can use Meetup to expand your recruitment and add another layer to your organization; however, you already need to be established.    

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