4/16/2011-Don’t cut down half your cornfield to build a gaming room.

Well, my Apocalypse World gaming group is a complete flop.  I would love to say; that I don’t know where these people came from, that there were incompatible players, or how they had such misguided expectations of the game.  I would; but nobody came.  Not last week, nor this week, and I am suspecting nobody will show next week either.  I don’t understand why, I did everything possible to gather a group of gamers from my computer without leaving the house and I still got nothing.  This experience has really soured my faith in technology.  They said social networking systems would work miracles and I had miraculous expectations.  I heard a voice and it said to me “Type it and they will come.”  That’s the last time I listen to voices in my head. 

The thing that just burns the hairs off my dice bag is that I knew better.  I know that technology does not replace things; at most it makes them more efficient.  You cannot recruit people just by joining a few online groups and making a meetup.  It takes footwork, getting out there, and making face time with others.  It always been that way and will still be that way after I smoke myself to death.  Every few weeks, on one of the many gaming podcasts that I listen to, somebody sends an email asking about how to find a gaming group-the answer is always the same.  “Go online and find a meetup or craigslist or bla bla bla.”  Sure, you can do that and with the luck of the die you might find a group.  However, you just need to do the leg work and actually do some real networking. 

I still am keeping my goals for this year.  First goal is to run an Apocalypse World game in addition to my monthly Star Wars game.  Second goal is to game with more players that I have not gamed with.  My first attempt to accomplish this failed, by my own hand.  Live and learn.  Now I have to do what I knew needed to be done and not look for an easily way out.  I have to get out there and show my face.


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2 Comments on “4/16/2011-Don’t cut down half your cornfield to build a gaming room.”

  1. boccobsblog Says:

    That is a bummer. What platform we you using to game from a distance?

  2. phlophouse Says:

    I think I will blog about it on Wednesday 🙂

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