4/6/2011-Shout Outs

I just want to give some shout outs today to some things that I have stumbled across on the internet.

1st —The IT Crowd, Season 4 episode 1

This sitcom is from England about two IT guys and their public relations manager.  I just watched this episode on Netflixs and they had D&D as a central plot device.  Not only does the Nerdy costar saves the day for the company with D&D but also helps his coworker resolves his emotional issues within the same game. 

 “In a sense it is like a computer game, it uses the most powerful processor known to man, the Human Mind.”   


2nd—GOLD the web series that does double damage

This is a web series about something I have spent hours daydreaming of….. Table Top RPGs are now a professional sport.  The idea of having to train at D&D for weeks is just hilarious.  Like all sporting stories, it’s not about the game but instead the players.  This series combine’s cliché sports competition tales within a backdrop of familiar RPGs, in one scene a character drops his “Chill” gaming books.  I haven’t seen Chill for over twenty years and I think I painted that skeleton dragon that they use a long time ago. 

“you know I don’t really want to kill myself; except when I am playing 4th edition.”


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