Clone Wars Story Arc. Part One-Writer’s Perspective


Overview of Era

Although this era has been defined by Lucas’ three prequels, “The Clone Wars” has its own distinctive setting despite all of George’s “poetry elements.”  The greatest element is how much the Jedi Order has become institutionalized and centralized in comparison of all the other eras.  All Jedi are trained on Coruscant under the laws imposed by the High Council, those Jedi who do not fall in line with the High Councils’ wishes are marginalized within the Order.  Furthermore, this is the only time where the Jedi Order is fully apart of the Republic’s bureaucracy.  High Council members meet with the Republics’ Executive and Legislative Branches on a daily bases.  In many ways the Jedi Order seems to function as a fourth branch of the Republic, a catch-all branch assuming duties to support the other branches of government- let’s call it “the Gopher Branch.”  The final distinction is that the whole galaxy is being torn apart by a 19th -20th century style of warfare.  It’s a war on all fronts by two groups of equal power; the Republic is being led by the Gopher Branch.  The two big “poetry elements” that this era gives us is; first, the metaphorical dehumanization of war becomes literal through the use of cybernetics and tissue scaring by the Force and second; a Jedi Purge book-ending the era. 

This era is defined by war that is feels like World War One and Two, industrialized armies of equal strength covering a vast amount of space and resources.  The war is a Chess Game Cliché on any level or scale; from the squad leader all the way up to the Generals.  Each side is so equal that only the specialized qualities of each leader are pivotal against the other to determine victory.  As a GM, if you want huge battles, highly developed villains, and pressure on each decision the heroes make; the Clone War era is your choice.  Unfortunately, the Star Wars Mega-plot is extremely heavy handed in this era.  No matter what story arc a GM creates; in the end, there is a three day period that the Republic successfully conducts a Jedi Purge, destroys the leadership of the Separatist Government, wins a galactic war, and declares an Emperor to lead the Republic. 

The Golden Rule of Clichés: To follow my own rule, we need to graft another cliché and/or bring in a good twist, to give some depth to the story.  Any of the other three clichés are feasible.  The Cat n’ Mouse Cliché can create a more of a Vietnam or Korean War feel to the game.  The heroes are moving forward in battle towards the Big-Bad-Guy, only to lose ground or have the battlefield shift making dramatic issues for heroes.  A Daisy-Chain Cliché fits within a story element where the heroes need to pursue something in addition to their own strategy to gain the upper hand.  Yes, the Master Mind Cliché works well, as every gain the heroes get includes a counter attack by the villain.  Personally, I would want to avoid the Master Mind Cliché because they easily dominate the next two eras.


For this story arc, I am planning to combine the Chess Game and Cat n’ Mouse.  I am dismissing the other two because, the Master Mind Cliché fits with the next two proceeding eras and I just did a Daisy Chain Cliché with KOTOR.  I do want to keep thing mixed up and semi-original.   For a twist, I think I will make the Separatists good guys compared to the Republic.

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