3/30/2011-KOTOR Story Arc-Part Two-The Basic Story “A Covent of Arcs”

Daisy Chain Cliché-The Heroes have to secretly hide “The Three Arc of the Codex” before the Jedi Purge.

Chess Game Cliché- The Heroes need to out maneuver the Jedi Council in hiding the Codex. 

The Story

Just before the Jedi Civil War, before Darth Revan and Malak reveal their evil intentions, the Jedi Master and Watchman Prod-yoke foresees the coming of the Jedi Purge.  The High Council finds Master Prod-yoke’s claims of the future as hysterical and deranged, labeling the Watchman as an alarmist.  Deep down the Masters can recognize that the High Council could easily be dissolved along with all their work to create a centralized Jedi Order, however they simply cannot see all Jedi destroyed.  Council Member Vrook Lamar does not easily dismiss Prod-yoke’s claims as the rest of the High Council does, but rather takes an interest in this Watchmen’s actions.

The Jedi Watchman creates his own council, the Preservation Council, who are Jedi that believe in his prophecy.  This group is dedicated in preserving the Jedi Order; although they strongly feel they cannot prevent or escape the upcoming Jedi Purge, they believe that their teachings and ideas can survive.  They create the Arcs of the Codex, three specialized chest that house a holocron each with specific teachings of the Jedi.  Their intentions are to hide each Arc of the Codex somewhere throughout the galaxy to be used after the Purge by the Stko Skared, the new Jedi who will need the teachings. 

The heroes will be given the job by Jedi Master and Watchmen Prod-yoke of hiding the Arcs of the Codex.  Each of the Arc of the Codex represents one of the three tenants of the Jedi Code; Self-discipline, Responsibility, and Public Service.  They will be hidden on a planet which properly corresponds to their codex (sort of vague and under interpretation by the GM on what it means to “correspond” but that will be in part three.)   Naturally, the more the heroes try to hide their actions the more sources of information and political capital they use, gaining more and more attention of High Council Member Vrook Lamar.  Thus a Chess Game of resources between the Jedi High Council and the Preservation Council is firmly established.  Yes, the second twist is that the real antagonist is the Jedi Council itself. 

The Final Twist

In all actuality, the holocrons are worthless; the Arcs themselves have all the holocron data written in binary on the surface of the Arcs themselves.  However, the Arcs are built out carbonite and within each of them is a Force-Sensitive Pre-adolescent left in a state of suspended animation in the species of the world that the Arc was left on.  Jedi Master Prod-yoke and the Preservation Council believed that these Stko Skared, Sleeping Force-Sensitives, within their frozen state would escape detection from the wrathful Sith set on destroying all Jedi.  Years later, they would emerge as the New Jedi with all the teachings they needed within the very beds they had slept in for so long. 


I feel that this is a really good story arc which embraces cannon and has a few surprises that will take the players for an entertaining ride. 


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