3/29/2011-KOTOR Story Arc. Part One-Writer’s Perspective

Overview of Era

“Knights of the Old Republic” has many unique elements that tie into the standard George Lucas “poetry” of Star Wars.  The greatest unique element is that the Republic fails or nearly fails on so many levels and yet will survive to become the colossal authority and bureaucracy seen in episodes’ 1-3.  A well-populated, yet fractionalized, Jedi Order will try to consolidate power within their own and fail with their first galactic crisis; because they see themselves as a separate institution from the government and their problems.  The Republic does not have a large blanket of influence either, but rather a web of stringy trade routes that connect the systems that they control with wide gaps of uncontrolled and unexplored regions- all within the Republic’s own backyard.  Additionally, the galactic civilization has a plethora of aggressors; there is the Sith, Mandalorians, Hutts and all those other assemblages of governments to fight against.  Top all this mayhem off with a past of lost empires and dictators that have left their mark on the galaxy.  It also contains two George Lucas “poetry elements;” First, a gigantic weapons in the Star Forge and Mass Shadow Generator, Second, a Jedi Purge that ends the era.

This era is ripe for the Daisy Chain Cliché; after all, the two videogames that defined the era used this cliché.  If you are a more creative GM who wants to bring their own worlds to the Star Wars Universe; then both this Cliché and KOTOR are good choices because there are plenty of open spaces for you to fill in and then have your heroes explore.  Furthermore, the whole Mega-plot can easily be dismissed because how loosely controlled the galaxy is.  If you want to make a collation of planets to replace the Republic, go ahead you don’t have to struggle with cannon here. 

The Golden Rule of Clichés: To follow my own rule, we need to graft another cliché or bring in a good twist to bring in some depth to the story.  Any of the other three clichés seem rather feasible.  The Cat n’ Mouse works well for the same reasons as does the Daisy Chain, exploration into new parts of the galaxy.  The Master Mind can work by using any of the enemies of the era-Sith, Hutts, Mandalorains, or something new.  The Chess Game could work also because in this era war seems to be conducted around figureheads and their fleets rather than holding strategic points with armies. 


For this story arc, I am planning to combine the Daisy Chain with the Chess Game Cliché and add a few twists and end up with a moral dilemma.  I rejected the other two clichés because; the Master Mind is done so often in RPGs and there are other Star Wars eras where it is the dominate cliché; and the Cat n’Mouse combined with the Daisy Chain I thought would really just drag out.  I think as a twist, instead of going to find or get stuff, the heroes will have to leave things or hide them. 


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3 Comments on “3/29/2011-KOTOR Story Arc. Part One-Writer’s Perspective”

  1. boccobsblog Says:

    Sounds like a great campaign. Which Star Wars rules set do you use?

    • phlophouse Says:

      Saga Edition starts off having three Eras of Play, but ended with five campaign guides. Knights of the Old Republic, Clone Wars, Force Unleashed, Rebellion Era, and the Legacy Era.

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