3/25/2011-March’s Podcast Review-Order 66 Podcast

The Order 66 Podcast, affiliate of the D20 radio Network, is the one and only podcast completely dedicated to Star Wars Saga Edition.  This podcast validates the stereotype of the passionate hobbyist creating something wonderful where professionals cannot.  Rodney Thompson openly admitted that after hearing what Order 66 was doing on the internet, he dropped Wizards of the Coast’s Star Wars Podcast.  There is very little praise that can be said elsewhere; when the designer of the game says that you represent his own game better than he could.  Somewhere along the way, Lucas forgot about that. 

The hosts and creators of the show, GMChris and GMDave, have a really good niche in the RPG podcasting community; they are focused on Saga Edition rule system and Star Wars.  With there being fifteen books for Saga, there are plenty of rules to talk about without trailing off into abstract RPG theory.  Additionally, in the spirit of the West End Games (the 1st Star Wars RPG Company) they bring a lyrical inclusion to the Star Wars setting, making the show equally entertaining as it is informative.  They do this by using a radio format with several segments, all with sound bites, throughout each show.  “Watto’s Bargain Basement” segment starts off with a commercial for Watto’s shop put to the theme music from “Sanford and Son,” the way Watto says Tat-to-ine still makes me smile.  What a great way to introduce any equipment discussion. 

My only criticism of the show is that they are Fanboys of the system, for good reason.  Order 66 had built a close relationship with Wizards of the Coast and still continues ties to designers and writers of the game.  Furthermore, Sam Witwer from Force Unleashed video game frequently comes onto the show to talk about his campaign.  This brings a lot to the show and as hosts; they don’t want to burn any bridges by saying anything bad about the system.  Essentially, this podcast has fallen into the role of being the spokesmen and PR for the game.

Although Wizards has discontinued Saga Edition, this podcast is still going strong and promoting the game.


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