3/23/2011-The Golden Rule with Clichés

Having explored these various clichés and looking at the stories that use them successfully, I think there is one simple golden rule that can be gleamed from their accomplishments.  The golden rule is: Do not rely solely on the device.  You can mix them or bring something more to them, they are only a framework and cannot bring a full dimension to your story.  The Harry Potter story is a Daisy Chain Cliché but it is also a Master Mind Cliché.  Star Wars, episodes four through six, is a Master Mind and Chess Board cliché.  Wrath of Kahn is a Chess Board and Cat n Mouse Cliché.   So many stories combine clichés because simply one doesn’t work well and comes off flat.

I think over the next few days I am going to apply the clichés to Saga Edition’s campaign guides and try to come up with a story arc that fits with them.

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One Comment on “3/23/2011-The Golden Rule with Clichés”

  1. boccobsblog Says:

    Thank you. I enjoyed reading through the options.

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