3/5/2011–since I cannot prove a lover…

One of my oldest tools for GMing is writing a dilemma into the adventure.  Matter of fact, the dilemma is the central plot point for all of my “Faults in the Temple” campaign stories so far.  Typically, this makes for good role-playing between heroes and “story buy-in” by the players; however, there is a drawback, no clear-cut villains with established motives.  That’s not the Star Wars that I grew up with.  My Star Wars had Darth Vader looking for the stolen plans and Jabba the Hutt who wanted to make an example of Han Solo.  You knew who the good and bad guys were; my mom use to call them black hats and white hats.  More accurately, if you could not see their face; then they were bad.   

My current adventure has the Sith and despite my inclination to make them possible misguided good guys, I have gone the other way.  The Sith are the villains and that is that.  This is simply expected by the players and it would not be Star Wars if it was not, and I don’t want to take that away from them.  Now, there are typical bad guys in RPGs and I could treat my Sith in that manner.  The Sith can be sitting deep inside a capital ship, where the heroes have to go room from room fighting all sorts of minions and traps until they finally arrive at the main room.  The main room, where the Big Bad Guy has been patiently waiting for them to arrive while they destroy and plunder everything he has painstakingly built. 

No, that would be stupid.  I mean really, what type of villain would just stand on top of a tower watching the world? I guess a villain who did not have a body, if they had a body they would use it and get off that stupid tower and do something useful.  If they did not have a body, would they just be a head?  Maybe just eyes, after all, they are just watching things.  Then that would raise the question; who would follow a pair of eyes, you know take orders from floating eyes? Well, maybe if the eyes were scary enough you would follow them; like if they were “fire eyes.”  No, that is just too silly.

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