3/3/2011- the Pricelessness of Young and New

Back in the day, there was always a hall with a door within your sight.  It could be on your left or on your right, it would be about a 50/50 chance either way; but the door was always there.  Most people would open the door.  Makes sense, there’s a door and it needs to be opened.  Experience players, who had learned through the process of eliminating characters, would spend anywhere from 10-20 minutes checking out the door.  Once it was deemed “just a door” by every player, the group would open it and then quietly wait for the GM to read two minutes of box text before running in and slaughtering everything that could be dangerous.   Completing the butchery, the players would loot everything possible; followed by, dividing up any useful stuff between them.  Naturally, there was another door in the room, but that was an exit and there was no need to be concern about it.  To nobody’s surprise, beyond the exit was a hall with another door just within sight. 

You know, there are times when I look back and I am simply amazed that RPGs actually survived.  That stuff we use to do sound so boring.  Then too, I use to get excited about playing Space Invaders and that is really boring.  I guess I can use the excuse that I was young and it was new.

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