3/2/2011-Playtime is over

This last weekend was our monthly Star Wars-“Faults in the Temple” game session and I have to say I had a blast!  It was the best game session I had so far for this campaign.  I have always considered myself, as a GM, on the player’s side.  I want to watch the players succeed in the adventures and challenges that I set before them.  I enjoy how they bring their own twists to the game and so on.  In other words, I love it when the players are having fun.  This last game session did all of that; yet, there were something that were different, not only did I get what I wanted, but also kicked their butts. 

This is not really something I want from GMing, a sense of superiority over my players.  It is all too easy for a GM to throw too many high-level opponents at a group to beat them down.  That is what I did; the average levels of the opponents were two levels higher than the group and it was four against three.  The combat was easy for me, everything was in my favor by my own design; so, why was it so enjoyable for me?  I am not one of those GMs; or am I?  Maybe, every once in a while, we want to smear the queer; despite any of our good intentions. 

For the last three adventures, I have been lobbing soft balls at the group; because, not everyone is familiar with the game system and this is an unbalance group of heroes.  I guess there has been some frustration building up on my part and I truly enjoyed making sure that the players realize that “play time is over.”

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