2/23/2011-I have my first spoiler

I ask you this; what is the greatest fight scene in all storydome???

 Ironically, for me there are two scenes that come to my mind and they are the same scene; only that the first is in the novel and the second is in same story’s film.  I speak of none other than the fight between Inigo Montoya and Count Tyrone Rugen from the Story Princess Bride.  Naturally, because they are from the same story the setup to this confrontation is the same.  Inigo Montoya has spent his life pursuing the infamous six-finger man, who killed his father over the price of a superbly crafted sword and scars this young son’s face.  However, searching for this man has not been Inigo’s primary goal but rather gaining the skill to beat this horrible man within a sword dual.  ***spoiler*** By the end of the story, he finds the six-finger man and confronts him.  During this final dual, Inigo nearly loses and when it looks as if he will be defeated he—

 Well this is where things change between the book and the movie, neither version can I do any real justice to, so let’s skip it.  Guess I didn’t need the spoiler alert—SHE ‘s a guy in the Crying Game! There, I wouldn’t want to waste a good spoiler alert. 

 Why is this fight so great? Because this story arc is firmly established at the beginning of the story and it includes multiple twists that make it memorable.  The first twist to the story arc is that the explanation about Inigo’s motivation for revenge is actually told to us, rather than demonstrated; but it is revealed to us within a moment high tension which also defines the character of the two heroes outside of the revenge arc.  In the Star Wars Prequels, the friendship between Obi-wan and Anakin are told to us while they are in an elevator or walking from/to transports, there is no high tension established to have us, as the audience, prepped up to believe it; nor does it a reveal of the two heroes’ character.  Instead it is boring walking and talking.  In Princess Bride, Inigo’s goal is explained at the beginning of a fight between two heroes, who do not know they are destined to be allies and where the fight uncovers that the two are extremely similar.  In Princess Bride both Inigo and Westley act on their character and demonstrate their similarities, the audience is told one thing and then backed up through action; unlike the Prequels where you are told through authoritative mind-numbing dialoged with no actions to validate what you have just been told.  So, by the time Inigo and Count Tyrone Rugen fight you, the audience, have emotionally invested in the believably to Inigo, you do not only know Inigo’s motivation but actually believe in it.  You want him to win.

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