2/19/2011- Plinkett Reviews makes me have some disturbing thoughts.

Something has been troubling me for a few years about gaming.  That sort of nagging feeling in the back of your head that you know is there but don’t know what to do about it.  You want it to stay there, because you have no way to answer it, but it affects you all the time.  The sooner you address it, the better off everything will be.  Yeah, I have one of those things and watching the Plinkett Reviews disturbed this unsetting thought.  Now it’s floating around in the fore front of my mind and I cannot push it back in the hidden crevasse where it belongs.  That nasty thought is “How do you make combat more meaningful during a RPG session?”  After all, this is one of the key reasons why the Star Wars Prequels fail, Lucas does not get the audience to be emotionally invested in the combats. 

I guess the first answer to this question is that D20, AD&D, 4th Edition & Saga; already does it and does it well.   To a large degree, you would be right.  These games were spawned from war games and still have combat as their core feature.  The fact that these games have been so successful just naturally indicates that the players are invested emotionally in all those combats otherwise they would go and play something else.  Yes, these games do have some intrinsic devices within the game system to keep players emotionally invested; but I want to do more, create more, and get more out of these combats.  I believe that there is an untapped reservoir for meaning within the story.  I just have not been able to figure out a way to get to it. 


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