2/11/2011-The Solution to Force Points-blowing hot air up my …. back wheels?

I hate making adjustments to core rules of a gaming system, but as we outlined the faults of the Force Point system, I am compelled to make additional house rules.

  1.  Treat all D6s within Saga Edition Force Points as +3, thus a 8th level Hero can spend a Force Point to gain +6 instead of 2D6.
  2. Treat all D8s within Saga Edition Force Points as +4, thus anyone who took “Strong in the Force” Feat, can be strong.  This Feat only affects the bonus modifier to rolls; a Jedi does not gain any additional benefit from this feat.
  3. You may spend a Force Point after the die roll and you may spend as many as you want for this bonus.

 I think these changes will increase the value of the Force Point mechanic in the following ways.

  1.  They provide a solid modifier, so players know what costs and benefit actually are to make an informed choice in using them.  EXP-does the situation dictates the need to spend a Force Point or is it better to use the FP to fuel a special ability?
  2. By loosening the restrictions on when you can spend them and how many you can spend, I allow some competition with Destiny Points (without messing around with Destiny Points.)  Now you can have automatic successes with Force Points, which grants players to compare resources.  EXP – Is it cheaper to spend two Force Points on this situation than a single Destiny Point, how about three Force Points?

 Well, I have now house rule these modifiers into my current Star Wars campaign.  I figure it will take a few sessions to see how well they work.  The really nice thing about these house rules is that I get to use them with my NPCs.  Leading by example here, if NPCs end up hitting the Heroes because they are burning up their own Force Points, the players will have to use their own to keep their own advantage.  I am sure that will be something I will blog about.


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