2/9/2011-The Final Straw (to Force Points)

To wrap up my analysis on “if Force Points work from a mechanical stand point,” I want to mention Destiny Points.   Destiny Points really devalues Force Points, because they have the same “trumping” bonus that Force Points have and they are more successful.  This is basic law of supply and demand.  If you have just one Doctor in town, then their services are highly valued; but when a second Doctor comes into town, then both their services’ value is greatly reduced.  Furthermore, by adding a second doctor several more factors are introduced which contributes to additional lost or gains to the value of their services because of competition.  Is one doctor better skilled; has reasonable rates, more available and so on?  None of these additional factors mattered before, because there was only one game in town. 

Although Destiny Points can go through this similar analysis, we will wait for that to be another Blogg topic.  However, we can easily see that Destiny Points provide a more efficient “trump” than Force Points.  Destiny provides automatic successes to dice rolls, rather than, just bonus that might be enough.  If a hero needs a success in a die roll, then they will naturally go with Destiny, why bother rolling and calculating all those modifiers?  Sure, there are some minority of players who have a good sense of tactics or resource management who could quickly determine cost/benefit of their rolls with the subtleties between both Force Points and Destiny; but most players only see things in black and white.  Player ask themselves if they need this roll or not, which is how the D20 system is set up for, there is no maybe or gray to these rolls; therefore they do not consider the gray modifier that Force Points give them.


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