2/9/2011–Conclusion on Force Points Mechanics-Thank god that you are not riding a Big Wheel.

So, I have to say that my initial assumptions about Force Points were totally wrong.  That’s okay; I am comfortable making mistakes, look at my first marriage.    You can learn a lot about yourself and others from making mistakes-look at my first marriage.  So, it turns out that Force Points are merely a “trumping” game mechanic draped up in Star Wars syntax; I am willing accept that.  After taking a hard look at this mechanic, I can understand why my players don’t use them so often.  Why they don’t have any sense of lost opportunity when they lose their storage of them by advancing a level.  Cycling through all these questions leads to the one basic and generalized question: does this game mechanic work?  In conclusion, it works as well as a broken tricycle.

Have you noticed tricycles back wheels always get messed up, not like Big Wheels where the front wheel always goes flat?  The front wheel is so important; it is what drives the whole thing.  Force Points feel like a tricycle; you can have both back wheels flat and still drive the silly thing, unlike that Big Wheel where the manufacturer cannot get a thick enough front wheel.  So, in conclusion, Force Points are broken, but they still can drive the game. 

When you consider Force Points as, let’s say “Action Points”, a fuel resource to regulate special powers a hero can use? They work really well, like the front wheel of a tricycle.  In Star Wars those special powers are dominated by Force Users (i.e.-the Jedi) and I get the idea that someone at Wizards of the Coast felt that would undermine the game balance with those who did not use the Force.  To make all heroes equal, the company slapped on additional uses to this fuel resource to widen the effectiveness to all players’ heroes; but did not really think it all through.  They added some minor mechanics that looked good, but after a while, broke down, like the back wheels of a tricycle.  If this design was truly broken, then the fuel resource would not work, that big domineering front wheel would spin too fast to gain traction and would painfully thwack before you got anywhere-like those dreadful Big Wheels. 

In the end, the main reason for Force Points design works; but the add-on benefits really have no value.  So why are they there?  Why undermine these additional mechanics with limitations and another more effective system?  Why complicate the rules, look at my first marriage?  I don’t want hot air blown up my…

Okay, you get my point.


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