2/8/2011-Why the Star Wars prequels FAIL

I’m old; so old that I actually saw “New Hope” back when it first came out—in theaters!  Not at any rerelease or new on VHS, DVD, or blue ray.  Since then, I have seen every other Star Wars Movie the first week that it has come out.  I’m not a fanboy about it; I don’t need to stand in line for days to be the first to see any of them.  Furthermore, I forgot all about Star Wars after the Return of the Jedi.  I became more interested in other Sci-Fi stuff, Star Trek, Dr. Who, Hitchhikers, etc.  So, when it was announced that the prequels were being made, I did that “oh yea, that explains all the new Star Wars toys being rereleased in collector’s edition packaging.”   When I saw the prequels, I took them at face value.  They looked great.  I did not hate them, it was like watching the history channel and I like watching documentaries.   However, they did lack a Star Wars feel.  That unexplainable quality that made Star Wars something.  Sorry, but how can you describe the unexplainable?  I chucked it up to the fact that there was none of the hero myth involved this time around. 

My only annoyance with the prequels was after I started playing the RPG with my son.  I could not stand watching the DVDs anymore, I kept going back to episodes 4-6 for inspiration and there was so much less in those movies for gaming.  I just could not understand how three x-wings in a long hall gave me goose bumps while a huge battle over Coruscant just made me grunt “cool.” 

Well, I now understand.  I just watch Plinkett Reviews over at Red letter Media and he reviews all the prequels.  He explains why the prequels fail; it’s like getting a free course in film appreciation 101.  Unfortunately, his reviews should have an “R” rating and are done from a drunken creepy rapist point of view.  I found this to be funny only to preteens and quickly fast forward them, which is a pity; because he points out so many good valid criticisms. He really puts a finger on those elusive mistakes that Lucas makes.


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