2-3-2011 The Military Teaches Me Something

They say “practice makes perfect.”   I won’t argue with them, it’s true as long as you have enough time.  Personally, I do not have the patience for that type of work; so I do something that the Army taught me a long time ago, critical review.  I’m not talking about the reviews that they do in school before a test, movie reviews, or gaming reviews; but an active review of what each person did and choose which actions worked or did not work.  Those things that did work should be looked at and filed away so you can do them again.  Those things that did not work should also be looked at and decided if there was a simple mistake somewhere within it that can be corrected or should the whole thing be chucked out.  It is so very simple, which is why the Army promotes it. 

After every game session, I do my own personal review so I can become a better GM.  At the end of each adventure, I write a review up for myself as I am emailing EXP rewards to the players.  Generally, I focus on things that do not work; not to get down on myself, but to make me better.  Actually, now that I am writing this, I will start paying attention to what did work.  Let see how that goes.  When I write up my own critical review, many criticism ends up in the goal section of the next adventure-goals might be another topic.  This is so successful, I can go back and actually see how things have developed, if there are persistent issues that are happening in my campaign or simply what I have learn while GMing a game.  This last Star Wars game session, two “things” came up that I want to take a look at; fortunately the Blogg will also help me sort out my thoughts and provide some topics.

First, Force Points

Second, Star Wars Cannon


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