1-31-2011 Monday after Star Wars

Well we finally had our first game session of the year. The best way to describe it was, short. Normally, I shoot for a game session to last for 3-4 hours, mostly because we seem to game about once every six weeks. I undoubtedly do not have the stamina for 5 or more hour games sessions. I will admit, by the time four hours have passed, I am completely exhausted and I have certainly made a few mistakes, either with the game rules or misreading a player. Generally, I am the one to call the game session shorter than our prescribed time, because fatigue.
This game session was not short because of me; instead, one of the players said “this seems to be a good place to stop,” after two ‘n a half hours. This took everyone else, including me, by surprise. I actually thought that maybe he had somewhere to go and did not mention it to us. So, not wanting to push players as a GM, I agreed. I thought he was going to leave rather quickly; yet, he sat around with us for another hour and a half chit chatting. This behavior is a little confusing to me.
One lesson that I have learned is, that life does not happen in a vacuum. There are events in our lives that do not seem to make any sense while we are in the mist of it, that only do make sense after you discover what has led up to that event. This always gives me pause to my own reactions and feelings, because I know that I probably do not have a grasp of the big picture. Sure, my emotional response to a stranger yelling at me about how I parked my car in a parking lot is to throw a punch to shut them up. Yet, I have to consider what type of day I would have to have which would lead me to yelling at strangers for the way they have parked. Having considered that, I am willing to cut them some slack and spare them of my ego defenses. So, for this game session, I do not have the full grasp of the big picture. I do not know what type of week any of my players have had, if one of them wants to end early; probably it is a good idea to do that. I can always find the reasons why later in the week. Gaming does not take place in a vacuum either.

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