1-27-2011 Mission Stakes

I started using “Mission Stakes” to introduce aspects of the game system and plot device to the players of my Star Wars Campaign, Faults within a Temple. I had my 14 year old son playing who really had not played many RPGs and my younger brother who played 2nd edition D&D as one-shots. Neither wanted to master the rules, but rather be cool Jedi and kick ass with me telling them what to roll to do that. “Mission Stakes” was an attempt to teach them additional rules of the game or, at least, focus on those rules that might matter for a particular adventure. Basically, I type up around four things for each player to consider about their hero that involves the adventure-what is at stake within this mission and hand them out at the start of an adventure. So far they have been semi-successful. My biggest mistake has been with the one experience gamer who regularly plays many RPGs games.

A regular gamer does not really need to be pointed out game and/or plot features; they usually get the hooks and look things up on their own. Yet, in the spirit of fairness, I created Mission Stakes for the one experience player, which was hap hazard. I did not invest much in his little write up because he did not need to be manipulated by them; I went for fun not plot. The result was that he prepared to invest in the game based on the write-up only to have me not bother with any real follow through. I felt so bad at the end of the game session when he said, “Hey, are we going cover this? I thought of a great thing I would do…”


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