1-25-2011 The Folders are out and we are destined to play Star Wars

Well, we (as in my Star Wars campaign group) are at the last weekend of January and finally the group has roused themselves out of their holiday funk and is meeting to play our game, Faults within a Temple. True, it is about two weeks later than I wanted; but we can only meet every other weekend. One missed weekend automatically makes it two weekends. I am sure all you matured gamers can relate. The fortunate thing for me is that I have the adventure pretty much outlined already. Scheduling issues had messed up playing this adventure before the holidays, causing me to quickly make another adventure that two of our heroes participated in. Now, I am pulling out folders that I put away over eight weeks ago and hopefully understand whatever I was writing about back then. Naturally, time away will cause some change in my perspective. I am expecting some rewriting which is not abnormal but making me feel weird.

You know how Hamlet has a play within a play? I am having a revision within a revision-that is a little weird. My typical habit when starting a campaign, especially with a system like D20, is to write a lot of background and rule adaptations to cover a wide range of themes; then slowly forget most of them as we play, focusing on the stuff that is interesting and/or works with the group. Predictably, whatever I have written falls to the wayside after the second session because most of it just does not matter. That is perfectly fine with me, I like writing that stuff out and it is part of my own entertainment as a Game Master. However, I have been contemplating doing something I have never done before-replaying adventures and this campaign setting. If I am starting another campaign, then I have to start writing in-mass again; but I already have written in-mass. What am I to do? Answer, start a revision on the writing in-mass that has already been done, which I started revising about five weeks ago. Now, I am doing revisions in an adventure that is for a campaign that I am revising. All I need to do is add an RPG game in the setting so the heroes can play an adventure within this adventure, oh wait,… that’s Inception.


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