1/18/11-Decisions, Decisions

Well it is time to start implementing plans for this year.  This means cutting out the daydreaming of what you want to do and start doing it.  AAaah, how magnificent those daydreams were; what can I say, they were awesome.  My ideas were always perfect.  I game mastered everything right.  There was not one unhappy player.  I was hailed a genius.  Game companies wanted to hire me and I revolutionized the industry where both, consumers were happy and we produced enormous profit.  I magically lost 35 pounds without ever changing my lifestyle. 

Huumm.  No wonder I have a hard time actually doing stuff, it always ends up messier than whatever I envisioned.  That spark of inspiration can be fueled for so long by potential and expectation.  Sadly, every step of accomplishment taken; moves you one step farther away from perfection.  Yep life’s not perfect, I’m not perfect, this year will be imperfect, but imperfection is better than nothing.  Also, the only way to become better at being imperfect is to make something horrible and build up from there.

 So, let’s turn our head from perfect dreams; open our eyes to the mistakes we are about to make and greet them with a smile.


PS.  This blog was going to be about choosing dates to start playing, how boring.

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