1/15/11 Personal Testimony –Not my own but still useful

On Happy Jacks RPG Podcast’s the Coe-host named Tappy related this story somewhere within the 2nd and 3rd season.  He had gotten into a big debate on a form about rule preferences with gamers.  Tappy is a minimalist and he was arguing for a united game system that was both straight forward and encompassed a wide range.  His reasoning was that a resolution mechanic that met both these standards would be fun to play, because it would be efficient, speed up play, and uncomplicated.  However, the majority of the forms criticized him because such an uncomplicated system would not provide any uniqueness for the players or any advantage in manipulating the rules.  In his frustration, Tappy created an exaggerated RPG as an example that would teach these guys a lesson, a complicated contradictory system with ridiculous exceptions to the rules.  Such a preposterously inconsistent system would smack those critics onto his side!!! Oh unfortunately, it was Tappy who was smacked down; the forum LOVED the game system.  Lesson learned by Tappy. 

                The reason that I am reminiscent of this story is because I have been reading the game system to Apocalypse World, by Vincent Baker.  I have to say, Mr. Baker understands what the player wants-special distinct abilities that raises the complexity level of the game.  Yet, also caters to the GM’s desire to make things simple.  It is a perplexing system which I need to see it run to fully enjoy the nuances.

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