1/12/11 Mistakenly getting my mind too cranked up

My ex-wife use to get cranked up all the time, you could hear the imaginary gears clicking as her voice went up.  I knew if I didn’t distract her she would eventually blow.  Not to just slam my ex, I get cranked up too, but instead of blowing up I break down.  The engine is running but the gears are stripped-you just don’t go anywhere; which is why my idea from my last blog was a mistake.  Sitting down and just start writing description from my Star Wars campaign, just cranked up my brain and Ka-Chunk-could not go anywhere.  My problem is that I start asking too many questions that lead to other questions that then goes back eventually to my beginning questions. 

For Example: all RPGs have examples, why should a blog about RPGs not?

1)      Whose voice should I write this in?  The narrator’s, no-that’s boring.  Besides, the GM controls the hero’s perception, so cater description on how the hero sees things.  So, I should go at it from a player’s hero.

2)      Is that stepping all over the player’s control and authority of their hero? A little bit, but you should consider how much the player wants to role-play that way, how much they can handle.  So, choose the heroic Jedi Keendar, who has the most reserved (or conservative player) if you can make that work then this is a good idea.

3)      Well, Keendar is a Jedi and Rodin, those two aspects really factor on how he sees things.  Lets just explore the Rodin perspective, they are described as hunters.  There are a lot of species that are listed as “hunters” in Star Wars (yeah, why is that? It has totally diluted  the meaning)

4)      With so many species that are vaguely labeled as “hunters” are there differences within the concept of “hunter” that could better describe each species? Well, of course, but you should check and compare the possible perceptions.  What is the difference between Trandoshans and Rodin?….

To save some time..

8)  If I claim that Rodin’s are hunters, because it stems from their belief that: “demonstrating” might, makes right.  Then they perceive things much more as status and achievements, the foolish person is the one who will not back down after a demonstration thus really deserve what they get. 

9) Am I stomping all over the player’s control and authority?  I guess I better check with the player, before I go any further.  Let’s just explore the Jedi side of things..

See, I just go around in circles.  As a GM, I love figuring out creative answers to questions; but at the same time, I need the players and stories discover those answers.  If I find the answer first, then I am railroading them.  If you are a novelist, then you have that singular luxury of finding all the answers before telling a story.  Maybe that is why JRR Tolkien and JK Rowlings have so many notes.  As a GM, you have to ask questions to the players and at most give them a bit of evidence so they can discover all new answers.

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