Wednesday December 29, 2010-The Autumn Years for RPG Podcasts

I have been listening to podcasts for about two years now; about 50% of those are RPGs topics.  I have a dozen listed in “my favorites” that I check compulsively every day.  Because podcasters post their episodes whenever they feel like it, you end up acting like a Pavolvain dog who doesn’t want to miss their opportunity for a dog treat.  Having listened for a while to these amateur shows, one can notice trends in their behavior.  You can gain a glimpse at the bigger picture and a deeper understanding of those who are broadcasting.  What I have noticed over the last few months is that many seem to be losing their entertainment value, becoming a little floppish. 

 This has led me to wonder; what is the lifespan of an average RPG podcast?  Surprisingly, nothing comes up when you google that.  So, I did a small survey of the podcast that are listed in my favorites, based on how long they have been casting; and the results are rather inconclusive.  However, when I cross reference on focused game system, there was one that did pop up: D&D, D20, Wizards of the Coast.  Hummmm, could it be that the podcast is directly related to the gaming trends?  Is the D&D podcasting and the game itself entering their Autumn period?  Something to keep your eye on.

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