Some Joker Turned it Back on Itself

So, it is just a few days after Christmas and a few more till the beginning of a new decade, which means that I have only two things on my mind.  First, is that I have to start reviving my Star Wars Group after the holiday break.  Second, I have just a few days to accomplish my “new decade resolutions” that I made back in 2000.  Honestly, I do not know which one will be a greater mistake down the line, let alone how difficult.  They both really have the same hurdle to get over; which is me.

You see, I am a bit of a planner.  I make plans and have plans.  I am fine as long as everything is going according to the plan.  The problem you have, as a planner, is that you have to figure out where to begin a project, which takes a plan.  However, to make that plan, you need to have some idea on how you want to begin the project, which is what the initial plan was supposed to figure out.  You know better than to get yourself into a vicious circle on those plans, but you sort of now need a plan to figure out the direction of the project, so you can have that ruff idea where to start, so you can act on the plan that will tell you where to begin.  After you have planned all that out, you realize that you almost have a full plan, which is great; you might be able to start the project.  The new issue is that you just have not planned out that middle part.  You are so close to having a full plan now that you really don’t want to start it until you get it completely.   Having a full plan makes everything easy and comfortable; so much so that you start thinking it is not worth doing until you get the full plan.  Ironically the pre-plan and beginning plan is intended to help you plan the middle part to get to the end plan, but that is too much unknown for the plan to be perfect.  By now you have convinced yourself that it will take a perfect plan to succeed and what you have is not perfect.  So, why bother, just chuck the project on the back shelf.

Of course, you can chuck the plan and just do.

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